Nevada Board of Registered

Environmental Health Specialists

This board registers professionals working in public & environmental health.

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"Excellence in environmental health."

A standard of expertise and competence in environmental health based on education and experience.  Registered environmental health professionals are recognized as leaders able to provide guidance to communities throughout Nevada.            


Nevada REHS Board

P.O. Box 571954

Las Vegas, Nevada 89157-1954

All registrants should immediately contact the Board regarding mailing address changes.

This becomes very important during the renewal period each Fall.


Board Members 

E-mail the Board


Tony Macaluso, REHS


Washoe County District Health Department

P.O. Box 11130

Reno, NV   89520-0027  

Phone: 775-328-2431

Larry Law, REHS

Board Secretary

Southern Nevada Health District 

P.O. Box 3902

Las Vegas, NV  89127-3902   

Phone: 702-759-0665

Fax: 702-383-0884 

Drew Skeen, FMP

10080 W. Tropical Pkwy.

Las Vegas, NV 89149


Bob Stulac, REHS

Representing the Nevada State Health Officer

c/o Nevada Health Division 

4150 Technology Way, Ste 101

Carson City, NV  89706  


Anna Thornley, FMP

1919 College Parkway

Carson City,NV  89706



NV REHS Board's Recording Secretary/Records Official

Kris Schauman

P.O. Box 571954

Las Vegas, Nevada 89157-1954


The Board has hired an Executive Director who will maintain the website, deal legislative matters, and take over recording secretery duties.


More information will be posted as it becomes available.


Please feel free to write regarding the Board's records.

Board News 

  • The Board has a new application and fee schedule. 08-18-15
  • The Board has a new member,, Anna Thornley,FMP, 08-19-15


Testing Procedures


Pearson Vue testing will be the only means of testing in Nevada.  This will add an additional $100 fee for the applicant.

Our current Pearson Vue procedures are:

Applications for Pearson Vue testing must be made in writing to the NV REHS Board (via mail or e-mail) and must include a check for $100 if not paid for on initial application. You must provide the Board your full name, mailing address, contact phone number, and e-mail address.

Each additional request to take the exam requires additional payment of $125 exam fee and the $100 Pearson Vue fee, for a total of $225 for each exam.

Once in receipt of an exam request, the Board will order a testing voucher for the applicant.

The applicant will be contacted by NEHA in order to schedule the exam.

The exam results will be sent to the applicant following the receipt of the official results by the Board.

Posted: July 10, 2013







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Since January 1, 2006


Move up to the "Silver Standard"

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Regular Meetings


A Board meeting will be held on:


November 17,2015

at 10am

Location: TBA


The Board held a meeting on:


August 19,2015

 A meeting was held in Reno The minutes are pending.






For past agendas and minutes, please go to our "History" page.




The public is encouraged to attend Board meetings and workshops. It always encourages comments from the public about its activities.

Please use this address to e-mail the Board with your comments and questions.


For more Board meeting information and photos go to our History page.




Application for Registration



Child Support Declaration form



Educational Criteria



 Fee Schedule



Affidavit of Training



Civil Applicant Waiver



Report of Existence of

Nevada Business License - 2014



This form is for those who need to prove they have completed two years of training.


CEU Submission Information page



Laws (statutes and regulations) relating to the Board.


Current Fee Structure

New regular registration: $530 This includes a $125 examination fee, * $100 Pearson Vue fee, $250 processing fee, $100 first year registration and a $55 background check fee.

New registration by reciprocity: $405 This includes a $250 processing fee, $100 first year of registration, $55 background check fee.

Regular EHS renewal: $100 - CEUs are required.

Retired (emeritus): $100 No CEUs required but cannot work in career field.


Incomplete or improperly completed applications will be assessed a $50 processing fee. Returned check charge: $50 (adopted 03-31-08)

* All applicants must use “Pearson Vue” and pay for it themselves. A separate testing fee of $100 is required when submitting the application. Refer to the “Pearson Vue” testing information section on the next page. (adopted 11-18-09)

* New regular registration applicants must meet one of the following three requirements prior to sitting for the examination: 

        1. Possess a baccalaureate or higher degree in environmental health or environmental health science from an institution of higher education approved by the Board.

        2. Possess a master’s degree in public health from an institution of higher education approved by the Board.

         3. Possess training or experience obtained during service in the military forces of this State or the United States of America which the Board determines is equivalent to at least 2 years of experience in the practice of environmental health.


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Nevada REHS Board

P.O. Box 571954

Las Vegas, Nevada 89157-1954

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