Initial Application

An Initial Application for Registration must be submitted within 30 days after achieving employment in Nevada.  All required documentation and payment of the initial registration fee must be received prior to consideration of the application by the Board.

Applications and documents may be submitted by email to  Hard copies should not be mailed by certified mail as that may delay processing.

Applicants who are employed by a Nevada Public Employer in a position that requires a fingerprint background check as a condition of employment are not required to submit to additional fingerprinting.  If you have completed the fingerprint background check requirements for your employer, you are not required to duplicate the process for registration with the Board.

When fingerprinting is required, LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting should be utilized with a copy of the completed LiveScan form submitted with the application.  Submittal of hard copy fingerprint cards should only be used when LiveScan is not available.  A Fingerprint Background Waiver must be submitted with the Application.

A copy of the Applicant’s Driver’s License is required to be submitted to verify identity.

Initial Application Fees - Make a PaymentA Military and Veterans  discount of 50% on initial application fees is available for active duty, veterans and military affiliated spouses. 

Provisional Registration – Environmental Health Specialist Trainee

An applicant for a provisional registration as an Environmental Health Specialist Trainee must be employed in a trainee program approved by the Board.

An applicant must request official transcripts documenting educational qualifications be sent directly from the educational institution or official transcripts may be provided by the applicant with the initial application.  Transcripts may be submitted electronically directly from the educational institution to

Registration – Environmental Health Specialist

Applicants who hold current NEHA registration or applicants holding current licenses or registrations in an approved endorsement state shall provide a copy of the NEHA REHS registration and/or current registration/license held in the qualifying endorsement state.  An applicant holding a current registration/license in a state not on the Nevada endorsement list may provide a copy of that state’s law/regulations showing equivalent qualification for consideration.

Initial Application for Registration

LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Background Waiver

Make a Payment

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