Converting Registration Status

Active Status to Inactive / Inactive-Retired Status

An active license may be converted to inactive status ONLY at the time of renewal. The change to inactive status requires an attestation from the registrant that they will no longer practice or represent to others that they are authorized to practice after the license has been converted to inactive status.

  • Once converted, the registration must still be renewed annually; continuing education is not required.
  • A licensee who does not plan to practice for the foreseeable future may also choose to simply let their registration expire.
  • An expired registration may be reinstated up to five (5) years from date of expiration.

Inactive Status to Active Status

  • An inactive license may be converted to active status at any time prior to the renewal period, by payment of the conversion fee. A registration may also be renewed as active at time of renewal.
  • Please visit Make a Payment to pay the fee and Board staff will make the change. You will be notified when the conversion is complete.

Make a Payment

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