Converting Registration Type

Provisional EHST to Standard REHS

An Environmental Health Specialist Trainee may convert their provisional EHST registration to the standard REHS registration upon passage of the REHS examination and, if applicable, completion of 2 years of training experience. A request for authorization to take the REHS exam may be submitted upon completion of 18 months of training experience.

  1. Request authorization to take the NEHA REHS Examination from the Board, complete the Application for REHS Status; the Board will provide a letter of authorization to take the REHS examination with instructions.
  2. Official Score Report is received directly from NEHA. Wait for notification of receipt of official score report on the REHS Examination from the Board.
  3. Passing Score - Go to Step 4:                 Did not Pass?  You may request authorization to retake the examination in 30 days.
  4. Submit Affidavit of Training Completion signed by your REHS supervisor to the Board by email at
  5. Go to Make a Payment to pay the REHS Conversion Fee.

Application for REHS Status

Affidavit of Training Completion

Make a Payment

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